I know of a LOT of people including myself that struggle with bending.. and this makes it easier
— Ray
Its great ! A fabulous concept
— Sean - Australia
Thanks! I am tabbing a song. I used ASD to slow it down, Bendometer to show the tones, and a video capture app to turn it in a movie. Amazing how the ear deviates sometimes from the actual notes being played. Thank you for a very cool product!
— Michael
You have made an excelent job with Benometer application.
— Jari - Finland
One of the great things about your Bendometer is that it is extremely simple and easy to use. Keep it up, keep it simple, and it will continue to be a winner.
Santa Cruz CA
— Thomas
Incidently this is a Billy Bollocks programme, fantastic.
— Ken - Australia
I really enjoy the program and use it in multiple ways, its a great tool especially for those learning to hit single notes and bends.
— Everett
Yes, I freekin love it :-)
— Markus - Germany
Hi. Joel, many thanks I’ve got it up and playing,move over Howard Levy I’m coming thru.!!!!!!!!!
— John

Congratulations on putting this programme together it is fantastic it really shows you how close / far away to the true tone you are, I am now happy that with practice I will hit those bends with confidence thank you very much.

I was impressed by RockOn!…
— Conn
The Bendometer is also a wonderful visual way to make sure that a student is getting the full extent of the bends…
— Sean - Australia
I am so glad that I find it ! There is beginning new era in my play by harmonica. Thank you for man which one who create the Bendometer. It’s the brilliant invention for me witch make my learning much easy. What suprise it was to get the software from You! I’m deeply grateful.
— Mariuz - Poland
Consider increasing your price.
— Thomas - Santa Cruz CA
I’m having much fun, thank you for a fine product.
— Jim K.
Since most of us are visual creatures, your invention brings a new dimension to learning harmonica that has NEVER before been available to players! I can tell you right now that your "bendometer" is a great tool … and I would recomend it to anybody who really wants to play harmonica!
— LynnAnne H.
Excellent and thanks. its been tremendously helpful for me especially as a beginner…
— Frank K.
i love these programs! … i hope this program was received well in the harmonica community…. and that you keep it alive and well!
— Nancy G.
  1. it is a great program. - Tony H.

While practising Danny Boy using Joh Gindick’s Harmonica Americana, I noticed that on the last verse, there was a more passionate ending than was in the book, but being new, I couldnt' quite firgure it out, so I recorded the song and then replayed it using the Bendometer, and was able to find out what holes were being used, which was 6 draw, 7 draw 7 blow. Thanks againg for making such a wonderful tool available to new players like me.
— J.West
First of all, I think "Bendometer" is incredible. I have trouble bending the high notes and "Bendometer" actually lets me see and gauge my progress, (or the lack of it, which I think is also important). As for the low end of the harp, I find it very helpful in learning to "target" the bent notes.
— Bruce T.
This is one of the coolest programs I own!!! I’ve been using it with another program (that slows down music) and it identifies notes very solid and accurate. I also use it to transpose keys and to show me different positions. I love this program! It also is helping me to really nail my bends. Thanks for the great work you did on this………
— Rob H.
I love the product. I read all the comments on HarpTalk, but for a beginner to intermediate it’s great!!! I was using tuner software but I like seeing the harmonica image and correlating the sound with the position on the harp. Thanks for a great product.
— Peter W.
thankyou, this is great software!
— Jim R.
Harmonica meets Asteroids… THIS is the sort of fresh ideas I’m all for…
of Harp On!
— G
I like seeing the harmonica image and correlating the sound with the position on the harp. Thanks for a great product.
— Peter - Dover-Foxcroft Maine